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Budapest celebrates the Italian Republic with Terra Serena wines


Celebrate Italian Republic with all its colours, tastes and precious characteristics.
Italian Embassy in Hungary, like every year, organizes an exclusive event to celebrate Italy.
This year there are some news: first of all there is a new ambassador, Dr. Massimo Rustico, who will replace beloved Maria Assunta Accili.
A man with a varied diplomatic career, ready to support political control of the embassy of this incredible country.
The location of this unmissable event is very extraordinary: the exclusive Vàrket Bazar, just renovate, where art and nature complete themselves.
A magic place, overlooking the Danubio, perfect to have an experience of history, culture and nature at the same time.
Over 1200 guests celebrated the Italian Republic in Budapest with the white fizzy wine “Più” and all the red and withe still wines Terra Serena, brand of Serena Wines 1881.
A unique opportunity to consolidate its presence in the Hungarian market, already gained from the wonderful bubbles of Serena Wines 1881 distributed by Euromarket KTF. Special thanks for this opportunity goes, in fact, to our importer - and also good friend - Alessandro Balli.