Feel the tradition, taste the passion

Terra Serena joins you for family lunch, bringing flavour that exalts its ties with the territory and the family, and gives a sense of reassurance.

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Why choose Terra Serena

The Terra Serena line of wines by Serena Wines 1881 is ideal for family gatherings.
Its name narrates the territory it comes from: the Prosecco hills.

The name carries with it the story of the Serena family, which has handed down traditions and dedication to work for five generations.

Serena evokes a land with positive vibes of tranquillity and reliability.

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The Terra Serena brand, leader in the Ho.re.ca trade, renowned and loved throughout the world, is a safe, complete, top quality choice, ideal for hotels, restaurants and classy clubs.
This outstanding line includes several versions of Prosecco, both DOC and DOCG, sparkling and semi-sparkling wines, as well as the traditional Veneto IGT red and white wines.

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