Feel the tradition, taste the passion

Feel the tradition,
taste the passion



At the beginning of the 2000s, when bubbly wine exploded onto the scene, the Serena family produced its first bottles under this brand.

The Terra Serena brand transmits all the founding values of this family-run business. The brand incorporates two names, ‘Terra’ and ‘Serena’.

‘Terra’ identifies our strong ties with the territory and the traditional origins of top quality wines (Veneto, province of Treviso and Conegliano hills), of which Prosecco is the crowning glory.

All Terra Serena wines come from Veneto, the native region of the Serena family, a territory particularly suited for growing vines and making wine, as our line of still wines proves. The province of Treviso, the traditional heart of Prosecco, produces our DOC versions and the fantastic Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills are home to the grapes used for our DOCG Prosecco.

‘Serena’ underlines the ties with a family that has handed down tradition and dedication through five generations. The word Serena used as an adjective also transmits a positive idea of calm, tranquillity and trust.




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